Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Ikea My Pad

I rarely share videos or ads but this one I found is very cute and funny. I'm an Ikea fan, they have allowed many of us to create a more stylish home in an affordable way and they are the Kings of helping create fantastic small spaces. This video is all about that. Mandy (a doll indeed!) shows us around her home where she lives with her son. I wouldn't mind having it for myself, she has a space for everything, check out her laundry room and her walk in closet, can I have it for myself please? A lot of people have felt creeped out by the fact that Ikea has used a doll in the latest advert, while I don't love her voice, I think it's cute and a lovely way to showcase what Ikea does best, small perfect places. I also love she is a single mom and how the ad showcases how they both live together and both have their own space. A bit of a different ad, and I like it, it definitely made me smile. 
Here is the music video version which I also really like. 


  1. I think I'm in the creeped out camp - I just don't connect to the ad at all. But, hey, that's advertising for you - it can't appeal to everyone I guess.


  2. I know what you mean Maryam, I think it might be the voice but I still think it is cute. And I love how well designed the flat is :) xx

  3. so creepy! i listened to it with the sound off and it's scary! but i think her tattoo is hilarious.


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