Friday, August 02, 2013

The week's faves

Summer Shooters rainbow gazpacho

These gazpacho shooters were featured in Martha Stewart's Weddings Summer issue. They look yummy and while they are presented as a great wedding aperitif, they would be great for any summer party. They were created by contributing editor Peter Callahan, of Peter Callahan catering and have been created by using an array of rainbow tomatoes. While I usually make the traditional gazpacho I would love to try something a bit different next time.

[Photography by Alison Gootee. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings. Copyright © 2013. 
For more creative ideas, check out]

Mi & Co bikini

Barcelona has some great stores and really fantastic shopping. One of these shops is Mi&Co, a super cute brick and mortar and online store where they sale handmade swimwear and lovely tees and dresses. I bought the stripped bikini and can't wait to wear it soon!

Cara Bella Dona

There are some many gorgeous beaches around the world, some of them I have been eyeing this week while day dreaming about a mini break. This one is Cara Bella Dona in Girona, Catalonia, is really pretty, imagine eating an ice cream perched on one of those tiny tables?
And if you haven't been around here this week, this is what you missed:
Sunday Outfit, wearing a breezy dress
A summer soup: gazpacho

Have a great weekend all, and see you on Monday xx


  1. These are great...Have a nice weekend as well!

  2. I would love to just do a beach tour around the world:) Have a great weekend chica!

  3. ive been meaning to make a gzapaucho..Pinned a few recipes. The shooters are cute! happy weekend!

  4. That beach is just gorgeous! And I LOVE your new bikini!!!

  5. You should defintiely make it Jaime, its so refreshing! I shared my mom's recipe this week if you want to check it, xxx

  6. ooh me too Anna, me too! Enjoy the weekend too! xxx


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