Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Off I go: mini getaway

Today I'm signing off for the week. I'm going on a mini getaway at my friend's Eli home close to the see. I'm very much looking forward to a work break and to spending some quality time with her. I have always spent my summers in Greece (can't complaint!) but this also means that I know pretty much nothing about the Catalan coast and I'm excited to see more. Will try to take lots of pics and show you everything. See you next week!

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  1. I will meet you there, my sweet friend!! Looks gorgeous!! xo

  2. It looks beautiful!! I'm looking forward to seeing your post on the adventures you had there!
    Greece every summer sounds fantastic!! Jealous!

    xo, B

  3. Wow. I'm so jealous- have an incredible time!! Can't wait to see the pictures xx

  4. Thanks Alice, didn't take too many pics, but I did a post today with some snaps xx

  5. Greece every summer is fantastic and I definitely miss it this year but can't complaint either way! xx

  6. You must come one day and we can have a Euro trip ;) xx


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