Thursday, August 29, 2013

Les Deux Tours Hotel - The Gardens

I really wanted to tell you about the hotel my mom and I stayed while in Marrakech. I really enjoyed our stay at Les Deux Tours and because there are many aspects I wanted to share with you I have split it in various posts. This first one is about the beautiful lush gardens surrounding the property. Les Deux Tours is located about 15 minutes outside Marrakech in La Palmeraie area, a pretty much lush of green in the middle of the palm grove. My mom and I wandered around the gardens every day and every day we discovered something new, be it the massage little outdoors shed or one of the amazing four poster bed scattered all over. 

There were many places to seat down and drink an orange juice, beautiful ponds with fishes and turtles (a special post coming on that soon!). The hotel gardens were beautiful during the day and at night, with beautiful lit candles and morrocan lanterns. A dream for sure. 

I couldn't stop myself and went along to discover all the secret nooks all over this beautiful place. 
The hotel also has an orchard where they grow their own vegetables and later serve them at the lovely restaurant. They also have chickens and goats which makes this place even more unique.

All Photos by A Diary of Lovely


  1. Beyond gorgeous! The gardens and you! That bed looks so inviting. You look very relaxed hope things are going well. Sending hugs. xo

  2. Ah so beautiful! Love that black dress that you are wearing too! Gorgeous!

  3. thank you! I bought so many years and I love that I still wear it x

  4. Thank you Debby, it was lovely, and now its time to start living again. hope you are well and the move is successful, sending lots of kisses your way xxx

  5. Now THAT is a hotel, magnificent! I LOVE Marrakech!!!

  6. Great shots Helena for all the secret spots that you found in our place, thanks again

  7. Very beautiful place and Nice photo shots . The garden is very beautiful
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Thanks for your comments and for taking the time to read A Diary of Lovely. I hope you will be coming again soon.

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