Thursday, August 15, 2013

If you want a bread bin, get this one!

Sometime ago I received a bread bin to check out, yep a bread bin, but not any bread bin. Up until now I had never really thought about getting a bread bin myself (well I had but the lack of space in my London kitchen didn't really allow and I never thought it was a necessity), that's until I got THIS specific one from a company called Garden Trading. They have stunning objects for the home, lovely things for the kitchen, household and garden and other stuff like lights, small furniture all with a very rustic english style. 
I will use this bread bin lots, to store fresh bread, it definitely lasted a couple days more than usual, also to store dry toasted bread, or pastries, I'm thinking it will be a real winner in my kitchen. It is large (yes it is, for a tiny kitchen it might be a bit too large and take up too much precious counter space but IT LOOKS SO GOOD), and well built and comes in 3 lovely colours. You can find them here on the Garden Trading website.

And don't you think it would look great in any of these stunning kitchens? Swoon! Now that I have the perfect bread bin I only need my dream kitchen!

Via: 1|2|3|4
Disclaimer: The bread bin was a gift of the Garden Trading, all opinions are my own and I only write about companies that are aligned with my aesthetic. 


  1. This sounds lame, but I would love a bread bin. I've had eyes for the simple ones from Nigella's range, but living in a teeny flat in London with an extremely bijou kitchen (smaller than yours!) I need every inch of surface space, especially when my beautiful Dulit toaster takes up most of the space already!

    I hope you are well x

  2. Marie Antoinette once said, "Let them eat cake!"...but I'd rather eat bread, especially if it lives in such awesomeness! Gorgeous. Hx


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