Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back from Marrakech with a Handira blanket

handira blanket Marrakech
handira blanket Marrakech
handira blanket Marrakech

I'm back from a wonderful stay in Marrakech and I have only wonderful joyful memories. I have planned a few posts this week as one post wouldn't do it justice. First is the lovely handira blanket my mom got me. When we decided to go to Marrakech I knew I wanted two and only two things, one white pouff and a wedding blanket. While the whole souk experience wasn't my major highlight we managed to find what we were looking and I couldn't be happier. The pouff is a lovely white coloured, beautiful size and I can't wait to fill it an find a place for it to live in. 
The blanket is antique (beware, they also sell new ones, so make sure you ask for an antique one), the place we went had many with different patterns. It was one of the carpets stores in the souk. Make sure you bargain, a lot, I'm happy with what we paid but I'm sure someone with better haggling skills could get an even better price so don't be shy.

I'm probably going to use it as a bedding piece like most people do, but I also like the idea of hanging it on the wall.

handira blanket
black handira blanket

Handira blankets, or also called wedding blankets are hand woven usually in wool and covered in sequins and metallic tokens. They are hand made by the Berber women in the High Atlas Mountain region in Morocco. These blankets are woven by the bride's family and are/were worn during the ceremony as a cape, there is a bit more historic in this article in Apartment Therapy

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  1. Oh it's beautiful, and what a great story behind them! The idea of an antique one is lovely too, imagine all the memories it has inside it! xx

  2. It's truly gorgeous indeed!! I cant' wait to clean it properly and find it a place to live in :)

  3. So lovely! I like how the wedding blankets let you incorporate a little sparkle without looking like Jordan did the decorating!


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