Wednesday, June 05, 2013

New Beauty stuff

I'm pretty conservative when it comes to my skincare regime. Not because I don't like trying new products, I love it, but I'm a bit scared of trying on new stuff. My skin is a bit on the sensitive side so anything new can be very much a hit or miss situation. No matter I still love trying new stuff, sometimes, and I love thinking I treat my skin as nicely as I can. When I was in Barcelona last time, I walked by the Kiehl's store and they had the Midnight Recovery Concentrate on offer (you can buy it here and here in the US and here and here in the UK)

I tried a small sample and liked the texture of the oil, the smell and the way it sat on my face. It didn't give me any redness, spots or anything scary so I went ahead and bought the full big bottle. I have been using it every night since then and while I don't wake up and say oh my look at me 10 years younger I like it and I do feel my skin lighter and smoother. In the morning I still use my Creme de la Mer which gives the perfect moisture and I would never switch it for nothing in the world!

At the beginning of the month I got a 10% discount from Escentual as a gift for my birthday and last week I finally went ahead and picked something. I read about the Jeunesse du Cou from Clarins on What I Heart Today (Lily is the most fabulous beauty blogger and if you are looking for anything beauty related you should pop over to check her blog if you don't already). So Lily said somewhere that one of her skincare staples was this lightweight cream by Clarins so I went ahead with it. It's indeed very light and leaves the neck and decollete skin souple and smooth. Lovely smell too and if it does work and keep my neck looking young then it's a winner! I have only tried it on a couple of times but I'm really hoping it works. Get it here in the US and here in the UK.

What are your new skincare new staples? do you use something you think I should try? I would love to know!


  1. Helena I am ready to try some new skin products so you've given me great ideas!

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    Art by Karena

  2. Karena hi! I definitely recommend both of the above, really nice products so far!

  3. How do you use the retinol?
    (I owe you an email back!!) x

  4. i use Clarins daily face moisturizer and really like...very light and nice smelling!


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