Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Ideal Bathroom challenge, with C.P.Hart

 Some time ago the lovely people at C.P.Hart, the bespoke bathroom retailers, got in touch and challenged me to create a Pinterest board of what my ideal bathroom would be. I went ahead and checked what they offered, they have pretty much anything ones heart can wish, from very modern bathrooms to a more elegant and classic offering (that's the way I took by the way). 
I was inspired by the many gorgeous bathrooms I have seen on Pinterest lately, I love the idea of a free standing bath and an independent shower, preferably with a little seat and an incredibly powerful shower head to allow me to fully relax after a long day at work, blissful?

C.P.Hart has created some incredibly gorgeous bathrooms in the many years they have been trading, while creating my perfect one I loved perusing their portfolio of bathroom design ideas. It's always good to have professionals guide your through what can be done and what can´t. I was inspired by the many bathrooms with claw bath tubes I have seen.

The way I saw it, is that I wanted something that I would feel very comfortable, very at ease and at the time something incredibly classic and elegant, something I couldn't get bored after a couple of years. And I think with C.P.Hart it's difficult not to achieve just that. 

It would either be a cool wallpaper, but most likely I would go for a subway/metro tile, I love the industrial look which at the same time is very atemporal and eclectic.
My board will be checked out by C.P. Hart and hopefully they will like it as much as I. I will keep you posted, meanwhile, what do you think? What is your dream bathroom?

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*This is a sponsored post by C.P Hart as part of their  Design your Perfect  Bathroom campaign. All views are my own however and I only work with brands that I  like their offering

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