Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Lately obsessed with...

I did a lot of virtual shopping browsing over the weekend, I didn't buy anything, but I did find osme beauties I'm head over heels. The common denominator? Beautifully made in Spain. 
First off the incredibly gorgeous bi-color espadrilles 100% hand made in Spain by Mint & Rose. 100% recommended, I'm completely obsessed with their Instagram and seeing how everyone styles them, my fave color is the red/blue combo!

Another brand I really like is The Hip Tee, a brand of tee (and some more stuff). Lovely shaped tees in soft cotton and nice colours with fun messages. I'm crazy for cool tees this time of the year and here they have some VERY cool ones!

What else? These dainty necklaces with tiny wooden beads, mother of pearl tiny crosses or gold skulls. Super cute name too, Les Colliers d'Annie (French for Annie's necklaces). They look lovely alone or together for a layered look. LOVE. I need a couple!

You can finally buy your Twenty Violets straw basket online and I think that's pretty big, because while in Spain they are available at many stores it wasn't easy to find them online. Go have a look, prettiest beach bag EVER!

What are you all obsessing over lately? 
I love discovering new brands and stores so let me know please! 
You can also find everything else I'm after these days in my Wish List (updated daily so check often!)


  1. I live in Spain for part of the year and it's incredible what Mint + Rose are selling those espadrilles for. They sell butter soft leather versions for about a quarter of the price in Spain ;-)

  2. Spanish design is so lovely ( although I would never expect that you would post anything that wasn't lovely!). I am not obsessing over anything in a big way at the moment, although I do always love a good pair of sandals! I get so excited when it gets warm and I can say bye bye to socks!

  3. Hi Vanessa, I completely agree, they are pricey, which is why sadly I haven't bought a pair. I love the dual colour combo which I haven't seen anywhere else!

  4. It's so gorgeous today isn't it? Almost sandals time :)

  5. Next time in Spain I'll give you a shout and you can tell me if you want me to pick you up some pairs ;-)

  6. aaaw so sweet of you! I'm going back home (Barcelona) on Friday so have to see what they have there. Hopefully I can find something similar to these but cheaper! Thanks!! xx


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