Thursday, June 06, 2013

Ideal Closet

This outfit contains 5 items that I really really want. Usually I create my outfits around one specific item I love that week, this week it's a bit of a different one. I actually like and WANT every single piece I have used to create this outfit, maybe the espadrilles don't go 100% but this is how I would wear it, you know when you wake up and have your outfit planned and then wear something you love but doesn't necessarily work 100%? This is this kind of outfit, the one you REALLY love. 

Get it


  1. I will join you on wanting all of it! That tshirt! Those espadrilles!

  2. Love the Chanel purse, I have one just like it!

  3. That H&M tee is so fun! I was just looking at it the other day. Love the detailing.


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