Thursday, June 27, 2013

I don't want to lose you: Update your reader

Right, so this is no fun post my friends. yesterday Emily reminded me that I had to do one of these #notthatfunposts but #ohsonecessary. Ok, so what am I talking about?  If you read your blogs through Google Reader you probably know that Google is shouting it down on the 1st of July, which means you will lose all those blogs you read daily. 

If you used it, this is obviously annoying.
So if you want to keep reading A Diary of Lovely (and I hope you do) go ahead and change your reader. Some are here and you can also find out more on Cassie's blog here (thanks Emily!)
My two cents: you can follow A Diary of Lovely on Bloglovin which is very clean, streamlined and easy to use. 

Follow A Diary of Lovely HERE

Follow on Bloglovin

You can also import all your current reads with a few clicks here

You can also use Feedly and import all your reads too (1 click and it works, I just did it!) To add A diary of Lovely to your Feedly subscriptions just click here

You can of course still follow through Google Friend Connect (on the Side bar) which is unrelated to your  Google Reader and read the blogs you follow on your Reading List on your Blogger homepage (this only works for Blogger users)

You can also follow me on Facebook (which I use a lot to follow my fave blogs)
Instagram (for a daily dose of what I get up to)
Pinterest (for all around inspiration that we all love)
WHAT A BORING POST! tomorrow more loveliness xx

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