Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Deulonder kitchen

While I'm not a massive cook, hence the challenge I told you about yesterday, I love kitchens and my dream is to one day have a massive kitchen with lots of space to cook and entertain. And lots of space to store everything a good kitchen and a good cook needs. Enter Deulonder in Barcelona and Madrid and these ladies design the most fantastic kitchens ever, they also do laundry room and incredible pantries. I was under the impression that I had told you about them before but my search widget tells me otherwise. No matter what look at this stunning kitchen, modern, yet elegant, very glamorous and very functional at the same time. The eat-in are is cozy but can also accommodate a bit of a more formal affair if necessary. What can I say, I'm in love people... with a kitchen! 

PS: this is the space they designed for Casa Decor in Madrid, that´s a kitchen/pantry/laundry room and everything else is b**shit!

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