Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pin it Forward UK

My theory has been that if Pinterest existed when I first started blogging, I wouldn't have even thought about blogging in the first place. Pinterest is officially launching in the UK which technically means that Pinterest will be more Brit focus and Brit friendly. Not long ago I met some of the Pinterest ladies in London and firstly they are amazing, secondly it was super fab learning more about their expansion plans and realising how interested they are in the Pinterest community (us!) our needs, wishes and how they can make it all better for us. I'm a social media lover, like most bloggers and Pinterest has got to be my fave platform.

Why I hear? It is where I go to be inspired. It is where I go when I want to find what to eat when I have people coming over for dinner, where I go to find that perfect office chair, where I go to find that gorgeous bedroom I once saw on that blog, it is where I go to find meaningful quotes when I feel a bit low. 

I have been an avid pinners since it first Beta launched back when and I never looked back. Ben Silbermann's keynote speech at the Alt summit is an incredible inspiring talk, he started small and make it happen with a vision and effort, and there is no way you can't appreciate it. 
I have noticed I have many boards, I like cataloguing and like many of you used to pin in real boards. One of my favorite boards is the one where I save all the gorgeous homes of my fellow bloggers, I love the idea of saving all their amazing home interior ideas in one specific board and being able to easily reach to them when I need them. 

This month 300 UK pinners will be sharing why and how they pin in a campaign called Pin it Forward UK, Will kicked it off here with an as always very inspiring post and tomorrow my lovely friend Lauren will be telling us why she pins, I know many of you love Lauren (have you seen her boards? I loved her Angleterre board one so much I actually made on of my own!). Tomorrow Michelle from The Taxonomy of my Wardrobe will also be posting about her love of Pinterest, make sure you check it out, her Pinterest boards have a unique flair. 

DO share, how do you use Pinterest? and what is your favorite board and pinner to follow? I would love to follow some more people, tell tell!

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  1. Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward, Helena! It's great to hear that you have found many inspirations on Pinterest from delicious food recipes, office chairs, bedroom decor and more! I love your bloggers home board- Edie's Kitchen is adorable! Lauren, Community Coordinator


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