Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Not your average espadrilles

In Barcelona kids grow up wearing espadrilles, I remember there was a time they were not a fashion statement, they were just espadrilles and the average price was what? 10 euros max? Then Toms came and upped the price quite a bit, but they are a bit different than your average espadrille and there is teh charitable factor on them, so ok ok. And then, hello hello, here come the ones and only Chanel espadrilles, sold out EVERYWHERE (apparently, obviously I haven't checked!) and extremely expensive. 
They seem to be everywhere, especially in blogland (have you seen this blog, Shit bloggers Wear? Pretty illustrations!)

Going back to the Chanel espadrilles, I first saw them on a very young mom in Barcelona, she looked good, oh yes, and I thought, oh pretty shoes! Then I started seeing them all over, so here they are here too. Would I pay for them? Hell no! But I still like them... a bit! Lots of candy colours and they also come in leather. What do you think about such trend? Would you pay that much money for a pair of espadrilles? They photograph well, I know I mean look at these cool pics below, but really, would you?

If you are like me and don't fancy spending that much on a pair of espadrilles here are some good alternatives

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  1. I always thought the charm of espadrilles was their price! I don't think I'd pay for the Chanel version (I'd save my money for a pair of their lovely ballet flats instead!) x

  2. I completely agree! in Barcelona the traditional plain ones (in any color) cost about 8-10 euros!
    I love the Chanel flats too, a classic! xx

  3. I don't love flat espadrilles, but if I had the cash, I'd totally be into the Chanel espadrilles!! Super cute and chic.

  4. Since this post all I can think about is getting my hands on a pair of yellow espadrilles!

  5. I'm having a bit of a brights phase ATM! Yellow looks awesome with denim!


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