Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Engagements

Yesterday Mackenzie pined an image of a couple on a sailboat. He is kissing her forehead, she is wearing a red dress. Pretty, I thought. A very nice idea for an engagement shot. We haven't planned taking our photos, N is not the kind of guy who is into having his pictures taken but I love the idea of couples doing it. Our wedding photography package includes an extra shot so we might actually consider it. I love natural, caring and full of love photos, photos that will last forever and one day won't make you think, "what is that apple doing on our photos!?". All these int his post inspire me. 

engagement sailing
Trent and Dara —  Trent Bailey Photography
black and white couple kissing

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  1. I like viewing engagement shoots more than wedding photography. There is just something so sweet about them. The hope of a lifetime together, the promise of a lifetime together, and the excitement of a future that is to be built together: somehow, this is all translated by the camera! xo

  2. My husband would never go for an engagement shot either, but I love the sailing photo because you could have that blown up huge on a wall without the couple being giants! I love the flash of colour too, very romantic!

  3. i love engagement photos. but i know my guy hates getting his picture taken. obviously, i will win once the time comes. they are just so pretty.


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