Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ideal Closet

Once again I'm going against the weather, against nature, and posting a completely out of season outfit! But I'm completely over this incredibly cold weather and dreaming of more mild temperatures, those that allow us to go tight less but still require a little blazer, definitely my kind of weather! This dress is pretty amazing, stripped (so parisian oh la la!) and the perfect new super dressy length. I love the pops of colours in the bag and sandals, they seem to crash right? But I think they work incredibly well together with the neutrals!

ideal closet A diary of lovely

Get it here

and these beauties from our fave Zara!


  1. love the bright yellow bag and the shoes!!! eleanor at

  2. I love the jacket..

  3. I love it too Lubica, I can see it going with so many outfits

  4. Me too Eleanor, you can't beat a good pop of colour!

  5. Is there a link to that dress? I am in love with it, but no link it working for me.


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