Friday, January 25, 2013

Tea party anyone?

The British do some things very well, one of them is obviously what we call afternoon tea, some people also call it High Tea. I think mostly americans, anyone knows why it is called like that? Anyhow, it's pretty isn't it? I have been a couple of times, both with my friend Theo (Hi Theo!) she loves it! Varieties of tea, tea sandwiches, scones, jams and yummy treats. Not bad huh? How pretty are these tea parties? I think it's hard to beat a pretty mismatched (and matched) tea ready table! A tea party would be such a pretty theme for a baby shower obviously and talking about baby showers, Lauren's is tomorrow and I can't wait! have a great weekend lovelies, see you on Monday!

Tea party
Pink Tea Party

Even JFK had little tea parties with his daughter. How cute!

JFK having tea with Caroline

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  1. How cute! I've always wanted to go to high tea!

  2. Love high tea and pretty tea parties :) Have fun tomorrow!! xo

  3. I've been obsessed with tea recently! Having a tea party sounds like the logical next step of this obsession.

  4. That picture of JFK is precious!
    xx, Chelsea

  5. All those goodies and pretty table settings are so cheerful-looking. Cakes and sweet treats always make me smile. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. yes! my friend did a tea party last was so fun!

  7. I could have afternoon tea every it!

  8. What fun party inspiration!
    xo Josie


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