Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ideal Closet

On Boxing Day next week we are off  to Vienna so this might very well be the very last Ideal Closet of the year. And it's a superb one, I know it's ugly to say it oneself but sleepwear and loungewear has to be the very best of all! I was going to create a party outfit, to celebrate the Holiday season but then I realised that the Holiday period is the time to wind down and relax, enjoy nights in with loved ones with a hot cocoa and a good film, or the Dowtown Abbey Xmas special (cant wait!). So go ahead, get your best pj's, make your best cocoa and enjoy the evening!

Get it here


  1. lovely, i love relaxing with cocoa and a good movie x

  2. Vienna sounds heavenly. Can I come? There is nothing like snuggling up in pj's with a candle burning and a hot mug of cocoa! xo

  3. i wanna go to Vienna! - i LOVE lounge wear!

  4. I love Vienna! And that cozy closet sounds perfect for a cold winter day - for me especially, as I have a one-week-old at home now. :)

  5. Oh wow Vienna will be lovely! That cardigan looks so cosy! Happy Christmas lovely xx

  6. this makes me wanna snuggle the whole day! :)


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