Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Wish tables

Now that we  have booked the big stuff for our wedding this summer (church, venue, catering) one of the things I have been more excited about is the wish table. What is that? It's a table in the entrance of the venue where the Wish books seats and usually surrounded by koufeta (sugar coated almonds) and other sweets. There are many ways to create an impressive table, flowers, candles, yummy treats to sweeten your guests. 
This first one by Elite Events Athens, a super talented wedding planning company in Athens, is one of the best examples I have seen. Classic, sophisticated and super inviting. 

This blue and white table by 2 Links Events is another winner. The colour combo is perfect for a mediterranean wedding and ads the perfect touch of edge.

Another fave by 2Link Events is this super long table for a Greek Brazilian wedding.

In this next table by Floris Special Events, the element I love the most if the chocolate. White and choc always go so well together and it is a guarantee of yuminess. 

Which one is your fave? and if you were to create such a table for your guests what would you be your picks? Simple yet elegant all white? Two color combo? All chocolate?


  1. I've been wedding planning for 12 years (yikes!) now & I've never heard of a wish table. I love the idea! & these are quite beautiful.

  2. Absolutely lovely! What a fabulous idea - I don't think I've heard of a wish table before.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  3. Congratulations! I love all of these and what wonderful inspiration! No idea how mine would turn out to be - although one things for sure, it would be a big fat Greek/Chinese wedding!

    I hope you have fun planning the wedding Helen.

  4. gotta go with the chocolate table on this one


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