Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The quest for the dress

What can I say, the quest for THE dress is a big one. I had my first bridal shopping experience over the weekend in Barcelona at Cortana and while I loved every minute, I find the whole process a bit overwhelming. Why I say this? How can one chose only one dress for such a bid day? How does one decide exactly what the best option is. Being a very indecisive person that is very difficult for me. Some brides to be, say they know it when they try it on, that that is the dress, did you experience it? 
 Next week I have a couple more appointments and will be discussing this further, till then here are some lovely bloggers in their stunning dresses. 
Taylor looks like the perfect american bride, stunning, with a beautifully made lace dress hugging her body and with a radiant smile. It's hard to beat that if you ask me! (photo by Edyta Szyszlo)


Another fave of mine is Kristina from 100 Layer Cake, her dress suits her like a glove and she looks incredibly gorgeous, her wedding is one that I revisit often. Photo by Michele M. Waite.


Another bride I loved was Kate from Wit + Delight, while I would never chose a strapless dress Kate's dress has the most incredible skirt ever; two layers of beautiful tulle make for a bit of an edge remaining incredibly sophisticated. Just like anything she does.


How incredible that the 3 brides I decided to pick all wore a strapless dress, being that feature the one and only thing I have very clear in my mind I don't want. Mind can be tricky. 


  1. Looking for a wedding dress isn't an easy task. You see to it that when you wear that wedding dress you've chosen it really fits you.

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  2. That was my favorite part of wedding planning, not easy but so fun!! I actually sold mine after, best decision ever and saved so much money. Have you heard of Check it out :) Good Luck, you will be beautiful!

  3. I bought the very last dress I tried on- it just felt right & perfect & very me. & it was! I still wish I could find another way to wear it again :-) Good luck with your search- be patient!

  4. deciding on a dress can be very difficult but I actually had a pretty easy time. I did look through a ton of bridal magazines beforehand so I had an idea of what I really wanted

  5. I feel your pain. I am in love with Elie Saab's wedding dresses but they are so pricey. I love lace, personally. Good luck on the search!

  6. Hace un año que me casé y la verdad, no me estresé demasiado. Pienso tal vez que se exagera con el tema "el vestido perfecto". La cuestión es que mires que tipo de modelo quieres, pienses en lo que te quieres gastar y a por ello!!!! Una novia siempre va a estar guapa, sólo debes buscar algo que se adapte a tu personalidad y gustos.Realmente fue mucho más fácil de lo que yo creia. Me compré el vestido en Pronovias como hizo mi madre y no puede decir más que cosas buenas de ellos. Espero que mi opinión te ayude.

  7. Funny, my one requirement was that it NOT be strapless too! I love that I picked out a non-strapless dress, I felt it made me look different than the normal brides these days. I cant WAIT to see what you pick!


Thanks for your comments and for taking the time to read A Diary of Lovely. I hope you will be coming again soon.

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