Monday, November 05, 2012

Sunday Outfit

I bought this top off the Anthro sale as soon as it came out. I first saw it on gorgeous Mary when she was in London and really liked the fit on her. While I love it I don't think it has a great fit which is a bit disappointing, the straps are way to big and the cleavage doesn't work great due to that. What do you think, should I take it to the seamstress or give it a miss? I thought trying it on and asking you was a good solution. Do help please!
On a completely unrelated subject, this is a very important week for politics, especially for Americans, but US politics affects everybody no matter where so a very important week for everyone, everywhere. Are you all ready to vote? While I try to keep the blog airy and light and never touch any political or else topics I think it is really important to cast our vote and defend our beliefs. Just a thought I wanted to share.


Top: Anthropologie | Jeans: Zara (similar)| Shoes: Vialis c/o Sarenza


  1. I love it! You look great honey! Kori xoxo

  2. It's really pretty, but I can see from the side view what you are talking about. If you had it taken in some, would it make the shirt too short in the torso? 1/2-1 inch and it would be perfect! That said, I still think you can wear it. But, you'll constantly be pulling and tugging at it. My two cents...only because you asked! :)

  3. Hi Helena, I'm quite an experienced seamstress and I can see that the top is a little below your natural waistline at the back and on your natural waistine at the front. From your stance, you appear to be a bit "sway backed" (in old-fashioned parlance) which may account for the fit difficulties. It may be that the back shoulder line could be shortened which will give a better line. I also notice that the seam in the back of the peplum does not align with the centre back seam of the body of the garment, which is a bit disappointing. (I'm not totally sure where the zip is, or if there is one). You look great in the color, so it just depends whether the cost of the simple alteration is worth it. I sew a lot, but mainly confine myself to alterations as clothes are often cheaper to buy on sale or second hand rather than make from scratch. If that garment was $20 or less I would alter it, if not, return it (unless I was specially after that color to match something else). I have an unbreakable rule though with clothes - they should never embarrass the wearer. Nothing worse than having to fuss constantly to hide bra straps (and worse). x

  4. I think the top looks lovely on you, especially that colour - you should wear more of it! P.S. Nervous about the election this week, too. x

  5. I would say yes because the color is gorgeous on you! xo

  6. I think its worth it to take it to the tailor. The color looks lovely on you

  7. It's so cute -- take it to a tailor!
    xo Josie

  8. Love your peplum top! the color is so cool =)
    visit me:


  9. Cute outfit!Love your top!The color is cute!


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