Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Video

Today it's show time! What do I mean? Video time! What i your opinion on wedding videos? I like them. Correction: I like them if they are well made, because if they are not they can be tacky and feel cheap. This one by Americana Cinema of a Greek wedding in Marrakech is one of my favourites. Perfect music accompaniment and a superb way to express and showcase the feelings and emotions.

The super cute video of Taylor's wedding is also a little gem! It's by Ashley Batz
Did you see the whole wedding featured on 100 Layer Cake yesterday?

I hope all of you in the East Coast are keeping safe and dry. Keep it up and be safe!


  1. I saw Taylor's video and I love it! I agree, as long as they are done well they can be just as meaningful as wedding photos themselves!

  2. Very cute. Loving Taylor's video. She looks gorgeous and love the cute little song in the beginning. xo

  3. Get the video! Originally, my husband & I didn't want a video and one night months before the big day we were at my brother's, sat down to watch his video 10 years later. Anyhow, awesome!! No regrets!

  4. i love well-made wedding videos too! have you seen joel serratos work? it's so charming!

  5. the second is my fave. its just too too cute!


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