Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Passalacqua, calligraphy

Being a calligrapher is a pure talent, refined, meticulous, so pretty. Josemaria Passalacqua is just that, an artist. I recently saw his work on He does calligraphy for events, weddings and other stuff and has a great array of different styles to suit every type and each event. From what I have seen these table signs that look like London's classic street signs is my fave. It adds a great touch to the whole wedding setting, don't you think? 

These table signs, depicting cosmopolitan cities around the world, are also a beautiful way to do something a bit different. I love the calligraphy/typography style. 

and what about these escort cards? Stunning!

All images c/o Passalacqua's facebook page here


  1. This is so cool! I always admired people who could write like that! Love the wedding table signs. So unique :)


  2. Gorgeous! Other than on a wedding invitation, I seldom see this style of writing .. sadly

  3. This style of writing it so beautiful -- and a rarity! Lovely.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  4. My chap's sister had calligraphy at her wedding and it was so lovely!

  5. So gorgeous. I wish I could do calligraphy like that! I would write all over everything! xo

  6. omg i'm realy don't know that i can image to see like this artical thxx so much for this special artical صور

  7. A great idea for a wedding! Love!
    Thanks for sharing :D

  8. This makes me wanna improve my handwriting but its hard when I type up just about everything.


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