Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nicoli for the little ladies

Nicoli is a kids clothes store in Barcelona and Madrid and they do the exact type of perfect little outfits I would like to put my future children in. Classic, a bit traditional but very very pretty and just a bit edgy and childish. Lovely colours, not pinks and blues, but subtle greys, charcoals, beiges. And my fave bit? the little hats? How cute! They also have an online shop if Barcelona or Madrid are too far from your neck of the woods!

and something for the bigger girlies, Nicoli has pretty outfits for everyone. Yes they also have pretty fab stuff for the boys too!


  1. These outfits are adorable! If I had a girl, I would pick ALL of these as her look. Too cute.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  2. These are so chic! Perfect for the little ones, the hats are the cuteeest!

    Have a lovely day :)


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  4. Adorable and how cute is she? I want the blue dress w/ the scarf for myself! xo

  5. Oh how darling! I would totally wear these pieces if they made them in adult sizes :)

  6. European Kid's clothing are beautiful. The attention to detail is incredible.


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