Friday, August 24, 2012

TV floorplans

Raise your hand if you didn't love Carrie's SATC apartment. No, not the series, the NY apartment, anyone? That one bedroom apartment, with that quaint little window and spectacular walk in is something we girls have probably dreamt about at some point. And this artist, Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde has taken it to the next kind of level, a floorplan drawing! I saw it yesterday on Pinterest, and had to share. Before I started blogging, and before I started reading blogs, and way way before Pinterest I stalked the HBO site where they had plenty of Carrie's apartment photos, I loved looking at every little detail and dreaming some day I would have my own space to decorate like that. Big thank you to this talented artist for taking me back to those days. 
He has also painted the Friends apartments, who didn't love these adjacent fun and all loving homes? Look how detailed the drawing is, even Joey and Chanlder's arm chairs are depicted meticulously.



  1. I love Friends! It always made me want to find some friends and rent an entire floor of an apartment.

  2. I absolutely love these!

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  3. oh to have an apartment like carries!

  4. Who knew that when you were stalking the HBO site that it was a premonition of blogging days to come!! Only a blogger...

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  6. I'm pretty sure Carrie's toilet is actually next to the bathroom sink. And I never noticed that little chamber between bathroom and entryway.

    1. Hi T! I had a look at the drawing is actually accurate, there's a vanity table next to the sink just like on the floorplan :)

  7. That is so cool. I want the Carrie one!

  8. these are amazing but neither Carrie nor any of the Friends could have actually afforded the apartments that "rented" on tv. NY is so darn expensive!

  9. This is so great! Thanks for sharing :)!

  10. I love how Carrie's goes around and around :)


  11. Just found your blog. IT's amazing!

    Kisses, Elena

  12. Oh, I love this! Thanks so much for posting this!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  13. This is amazing!!! I'm actually in love with both of those drawings (and the programmes to go with them, of course)

    Off to check out this artists site

    thanks for sharing xx

  14. You're right about the apartments being expensive, however Monica and Rachel's was rent controlled as it was still in her grandmother's name. Needless to say, it was a freakin' steal!

  15. ·
    Hello Helena.
    Thank you very much for your post and comments.
    On the new drawings I have to say that I have no desire to do more.
    The continued attacks by Brandi Roberts (the owner of from FantasyFloorplans) are discouraging me.
    She said that my drawings are copies of her regisstered crude and ugly sketches and wants to sue me …
    If you want more floorplans of series you can settle with the things that she makes …
    At first this was an illusion but now I’m very sad with all this bullshit…
    Thanks again and Merry Christmas…


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