Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Pixie Project

Hi Diary of Lovely friends!  Blair here, from Nashville, Tennessee.  So excited to be sharing Helena's space today and to introduce you to an exciting project I've recently launched.
It's called The Pixie Project
 and you can help!  In the capital city of Ethiopia 1 of 9 women is part of the sex industry.  3 of 4 of the women in that lifestyle have AIDS, which for many there, is a death sentence.   

I call this the Before Picture.  I'm ready to chop all that hair off!  And not just chop it off, but chop it off to rescue 3 women from prostitution.  To take them off the streets and give them a second chance at life. 

In partnership with The Mocha Club, The Pixie Project's goal was to raise $1,200.  Thats enough to rehabilitate 3 women for a year which includes intensive counseling, job training, medical attention, a safe place to stay, and care for their children as well.  All that is asked of these women is a commitment to stay off the street.   It is a second chance at life.  *If I reach my goal, I'll go get a pixie -- something I've always been afraid to do.  Helping women in this way is the motivation I need!

Here's the update -- As of this past Saturday, I have officially reached my goal.  I'm getting a pixie!  As in Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson pixie.  And I am pumped!  But what I a more pumped about is the out pouring of love from women around the globe in support of this great cause.  I've reached my goal and have raised enough for 3 women -- but let's not stop!!  Let's go for four... 5, 6... don't stop!  There are so many more women needing a second chance at life.  Please join me in donating to the Pixie Project buy using the button below.  We can do something wonderful together!!

{All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for your records}  

You can follow along with the Pixie Project on my blog
! I'll continue seeking to raise money and awareness through the month of August as well as keep you update on my new look!


  1. sweet helena! thanks so much for sharing your space and sharing the pixie project!

  2. Very inspirational! It's always great to see organizations with a great cause! (:

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  3. How could you help with a haircut?!!!???

  4. OMG I LOVE her. Blair is the coolest. She was so nice to me when I first started blogging. She has the biggest and best heart. She is so beautiful too and is totally going to rock that pixie!! Can't wait to see how beautiful she is going to look. xoxo

    1. ah this just made may day!!! i heart you too!!!!

  5. LOVE! - i chopped my hair off in the begining of summer - it's just growing back now - if it was longer i would SO do this - i almost shaved my head when my Mom lost her hair from cancer - LOVE a good cause!

  6. Good one there... I heart your noble cause..

  7. i LOVE this! i have been following and supporting somaly mam, but so glad to learn about the pixie project!!

  8. Very nice blog posts and beautiful pictures.. You're sharing very interesting and useful information. I like it!


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