Monday, August 06, 2012

Danielle's favourite holiday

Last November, I traveled to NYC with Alaina to photograph a few features for The Everygirl. We were still about a month away from announcing the launch, so the purpose of our trip was kept under wraps. I love New York and have not so secretdreams of moving there someday, even if only for a year. Walking down those streets leaves me feeling alive and inspired. 

We had a wonderful trip and even enjoyed a little stroll (and mini photo shoot) in Central Park. Other highlights included a trip to ABC Carpet and Home, drinks at the Plaza, a photo shoot and day with Ashlina Kaposta (The Decorista), a trip to the NY Design Center, dinner with Julia of The Urban Slant, an Elle Decor event, drinks at Cafe Cluny, and dinner with our friend Jenna Fain at Pastis. 

I can't wait to go back! 

Note: Danielle is the Co-founder of  The Everygirl and blogs at Breakfast at Toast


  1. Love your warm words for NYC, Danielle! I find that city so electrifying and can't wait to get back.

  2. Love NYC...Especially with a good friend!! xo

  3. That looks like a pretty amazing holiday! I'm very jealous!

  4. I too love NYC. A few years ago i went there every six months or so, but now I haven't been a while. Your pictures made me miss the city.

  5. Great photos of the park, and looks like you and your friend are enjoying a nice evening out!


  6. looks like a fun trip. I lived in NY for six years so I know all about its energy. It really is a fantastic city to live in. Hope you get a chance to experience it!


Thanks for your comments and for taking the time to read A Diary of Lovely. I hope you will be coming again soon.

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