Thursday, August 09, 2012

Caroline's Favourite Holiday

Hi Diary of Lovely Readers! My name is Caroline, and I pen the blog Between Your Ears! I'm absolutely thrilled to be guest posting for Helena today about my one of my favorite vacation spots, though I'm very jealous I'm not in Greece basking in the sun!
My favorite places to visit are those cities that truly have their own distinct personality. The second you step off a train or plane or out of a car, you can just feel the uniqueness of the city around you. The smells, sounds, and sights just feel so iconic, and the moment you arrive you're just enveloped in the way of the city. One such city for me is Savannah, Georgia!

The Bloedel Reserve

{Above, my favorite travel buddy, Will, also fondly nicknamed 'The Roommate'}
Savannah is a short 4 hour drive from Atlanta, Georgia where I live, and it's the most quaint and perfect little place. If you're an architecture fan, Savannah is an absolute dream!

The Telfair Museum in Savannah, Georgia

{The breathtaking Telfair Museum in Savannah.}

I love Savannah because it's the perfect-sized city for a weekend getaway! You can walk around all day, pop into shops, and have a few leisurely meals outdoors (assuming it's not too hot!). It's just a lovely place to relax and soak in it's unique personality.

Bus tours in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is one of the oldest cities in Georgia, and it has done a phenomenal job at preserving the old buildings in downtown. The city was laid out on a grid with town squares every few blocks. This makes for fantastic walks by day and very romantic strolls by night!

Square in Savannah

Each town square has some kind of focal point in the center. Here, you find a beautiful fountain, but you can also find giant statues of old generals or even Native Americans. You can't walk a block in Savannah without being reminded of all of the history!

Spanish Moss in Savannah, Georgia

One of the most magical parts of the city is the trees! That may sound silly, but they are HUGE and so beautiful, dripping in Spanish moss, an icon of Savannah.

Forsythe Park in Savannah
Forsythe Park {above} is one of my favorite spots in town!

Oyster shell sidewalk in Savannah

There is no shortage of beautiful homes in Savannah, my favorite part!

Beautiful ironwork in Savannah, Georgia

I simply love this gorgeous home on a square in Savannah. Check out that ironwork!

Confederate Jasmine in Savannah, Georgia

If you visit Savannah in the springtime, you'll become intoxicated by the sweet scent of Confederate Jasmine!
If you ever make it there, here are my Top 5 Favorite Things to Do in Savannah:
1. Rent bikes and ride around town 2. Picnic in Forsythe Park 3. Check out The Paris Market on Broughton for beautiful home goods 4. Walk along River Street to check out some ships 5. Splurge on a decadent meal at Elizabeth's on 37th
Thank you so much to Helena for having me, and I sure hope you'll all come visit me at Between Your Ears!
xo, Caroline


  1. Great guest post! I will be heading town to Savannah tomorrow, coincidentally!

  2. We love Savannah! The architecture is amazing.

    xx The SunKissed Sisters


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  4. Love this. I just know I would love it there. I think I was born up North by accident. Definitely should have been a southern belle! xo


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