Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Dance

My idea of a successful wedding party involves a lot of dancing, the bride and groom dancing, the guest having fun and lots of laughing! Dance and laughs go together! The right music has to be chosen to keep everyone entertained for hours and to make them say “What a wedding!”. Do tell, if you are married, what did you dance and if not married, what do you want to dance? Not only your first dance but party dance!

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  1. What wonderful images! I love seeing a bride and groom enjoy their wedding day :-)

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  3. My wedding was one big dance party! I love to dance and wanted everyone to have fun. We came in to a dance mix of Whitney Houston's My Love Is Your Love and we didn't sit down the entire night. And the floor was packed all night long. :) xoxo

  4. We had a lot of fun dancing at our wedding, too! We opted for a DJ based on the type of songs we wanted to have played and also the cost savings. At the end of the night, the DJ did something that I was really unsure about, but it ended up turning out perfectly. He asked Ian and I to go to the middle of the dance floor and for everyone to circle around us. He started playing Black Eyed Pea's "Time Of My Life" and we slow danced for the first slow part -- as soon as it got fast, he had everyone to rush to the middle of the floor and start dancing with us -- we were all jumping and having the BEST time!

  5. Best weddings I ever went to involved dancing. Lovely pictures.

  6. I agree, dancing is a must! We danced our first dance to "Sea of Love" by Cat Power. We also played a little Journey and Beyonce to get the party started

  7. Muchas gracias Helena
    Viniendo de ti es un piropazo :)

  8. Awww these photos are so sweet! We barely included any slow songs in our wedding playlist - having everyone dance wildly was far better :-)


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