Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy weekend and the recipe I'm making!

I love love rice and prawns (shrimp for you Americans) so when I saw this yummy looking dish popping up on my Facebook feed I got all hungry! It's Cajun shrimp with rice and has butter, garlic, scallions and tomatoes amongst other delicious ingredients. Looks very comforting yet light enough for a rainy summer evening don't you think? Recipe here. Have  a great weekend lovelies!


  1. Butter? Garlic? Tomatoes? I'm IN.
    xo Josie

  2. Yum. This does look good. Off to check out the recipe...thanks for sharing!! xo

  3. Perfect post for inspiring dinner! Heard you guys have rain! We're the opposite, shouldn't moan really, but 40 degrees is just a tad hot for remaining sane and conscious! Siesta's are understandable in August.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. This recipe looks delicious!
    Perfect to serve for a summer backyard party!
    Thanks for sharing!
    You have a lovely weekend as well!
    xo shelly


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