Friday, June 08, 2012

My home: Sources

Some of you asked me about where some of the stuff I got at home where from. As I said on The Everygirl I just tend to buy stuff I like and hope for the best. I'm jealous of some of the houses I see on the blogosphere, some bloggers who seem to have everything thought out and put together perfectly. I feel my apartment is a bit of a mix and match if you know what I mean but hey I still love it and love the homey and comfortable feel it has to it. Below are some of the sources, let me know if you are interested in knowing where anything else is from! And again big big thanks for your incredible reaction to it, I'm grateful to have such amazing readers!

The Madly in Love eye chart is from a UK ebay seller, really good prize and excellent quality, definitely recommended, they also have very good frames. 
The maps above the couch, are vintage look alikes and in all honesty are Cavallini wrapping papers. Paloma did it in her home and I loved it so much that I also did it. They look really really good and I have gotten many many compliments (I have good friends!).
The lacquered trays were from one of the many independent shops on Not on the High Street, specifically by Nom Living who make the most gorgeous trays in London. 
And the chest of drawers turned bar is the Ikea Rast that I hacked sometime ago, I blogged about it here.

The framed hearts is a print by Warhol, and I got it at All Posters
The H mug is the classic one from Anthropologie. Our desk is from Ikea and the oil burner from The Body Shop (which unfortunately don't recommend).

When it's al tidied up the bedroom is my favourite room. 
The art above the bed is a collection of three big frames with wallpaper in it. A great way to incorporate patterns and colors without wallpapering (great for renters like me!).
The ruffled pillow is from H&M home and the duvet cover is a Cath Kidston (discontinued but here is a lovely alternative I love!).
The bedside "table" is the super classic Ikea Rast Hack. Blogged about it here.

The Bathroom! It couldn't be tinier! The hand towel is from Amy Butler (bought at Dalani, have you joined?), I love punchy colors, especially in an all white room like this one. I have always like acrylic storage and Muji has the perfect ones. The bulldog pin is from Umbra. The Chanel No 5 gold bottle is actually a very old magazine ad that I framed. The elephant is from India and the soap from Laura Ashley. 
Finally I also wanted to share some more shots that were not included in the original feature in The Everygirl. Again all photos are by the fantastic Sarah Hogan.


  1. Your home is gorgeous! The Chanel No 5 gold bottle is my favorite. Great idea framing an old magazine ad.

  2. obsessed with the framed chanel print! i have for old vintage chanel posters in my den and I love them!!!

  3. I love everything about this. so beautiful!

    Treasure Tromp 

  4. You are amazing! Such lovely things and such clever ideas in your home.

  5. I love that your home is mis-matched... that's where all of it's charm stems from! I missed the Chanel print the first time around... brilliant! xo

  6. Gorgeous! I love the framed wallpaper, wrapping paper and magazine ad. Great ideas!

  7. I love this post! Hug Nilla ( sweden reader)

  8. I think my favorite part of your house is the wooden stairs and the mini bookcase underneath!

  9. Your home is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

  10. Hi, I'm Sarah, I'm new to your lovely blog. I was admiring the lamps in the first photo and was wondering where those were from, I especially love the black one. And, I really love the elephant you got in India, I collect elephants, that one is a beauty.


  11. So lovely and cozy with a great flow to it! You have a great eye;)

  12. Helena, your home looks amazing! Love all your interesting bits and pieces!x

  13. WOW!Your home is absolutely gorgeous!Looks so sweet!

  14. Just stumbled on your blog!! A. I love it B. your home is beautiful!!! So excited to be your newest follower!!!! xoxo Elizabeth


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