Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Intimate

What caught my eye in this wedding is the table setting. Intimate, square, joyful, different. The bride's dress also helped of course, what an amazing back! But let's go back to the table. twenty four guest all sat together in a big square table where they can see each other and converse, under dim light and 3 marvellous chandeliers. Don't know what you think, but this is just beautiful. Most perfect little intimate celebration. I'm a convert!


  1. LOVE the square table, candlelight and chandeliers. The table is awesome because it allows for everyone to see each other. Her gown is so unique, she looks lovely. xo

  2. Oh my goodness, I am adoring the peach tones. I have always dreamed of having a touch of peach in my wedding. I also love her dress and the way it drapes- so very unique!



  3. OMG...beautiful! Any chance we can get to know where she got the dress? LOVE.THE.DRESS! Bisous!

  4. That table setting is absolutely gorgeous! It would be fun to recreate that even for a small intimate dinner with close friends! And oh my goodness the brides shoes are amazing!

  5. this looks like such a lovely and cozy wedding, not mention I am in love with her pretty shoes.

  6. Love that intimate set up in the table area!


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