Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weekly Links

Alaina and Danielle announced the launch of their new online resource for young women, The Everygirl, can't wait for February!
This is the invite suite to a fun party! 
I love this outfit, so much I'm going to recreate it on Monday at work
I have always wanted to visit New York, anytime would be great but Christmas sounds pretty fab to me


  1. The Everygirl sounds like a fun online mag!

  2. The Everygirl seems really cool. It sounds very interesting. I'll definitely be looking into it once it launches. I also like that outfit. It's laidback and it looks really comfy.

    Come and enter!
    In Love With Fashion Giveaway.


  3. I love that outfit! The pink shirt is so lovely and cheerful!
    Saskia x

  4. Love the stationery and the mini cakes - so sweet! Hope you have a lovely Sunday, hun! xx

  5. love that outfit, love the vibrant pink !!
    merry Christmas :)

  6. Christmas is absolutely the best time to visit New York. Hands down.

  7. well hello, and thanks for the shout out!


Thanks for your comments and for taking the time to read A Diary of Lovely. I hope you will be coming again soon.

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