Saturday, December 03, 2011

Weekly Links

This week I have been a bad bad blogger and don't have many links! What I loved this week? From the little I have been able to see, Heather's home, as seen in Apartment Therapy, is my new fave! Why?
- Super cute exterior
- Gab interior
- Incredible bath and really lovely, homey kitchen, love the little details and adore the bar area! 
On a different note, Ashley from a {little} dash of ash asked me and several other bloggers to share what our perfect Christmas gift lists would contain, if you have the time and are curious check mine here. It's up today! Thanks Ashley!


  1. Thanks for the links Helena! I loved your wish list too :) Have a fab weekend! xx

  2. The exterior is really cute. I think I have a thing for houses with red doors, though I'm not sure I would ever have a red door myself. And the interior is cute to match! My favorite is the little pony lamp that they have in the living room! Also I loved your wish list!

  3. Off to see your guest post! Happy weekend :)

  4. Love the front red door - what a sweet home!

  5. Her home is adorable... love it. It is so cozy! Off to check out your guest post. xoxo


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