Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Tables

Elle Deco Spain brought us this lovely Christmas feature and I really had to share. Three Spanish designers share their Christmas tables, and each of them reflects their absolute personality just like their fashion style.
The first one is by minimalist designer Amaya Arzuaga. Her style is absolutely reflected in the elegant sobriety of her table, by mixing gold and red she creates the perfect festive table

Custo, the King of colors and patterns translates his funky style into his table too and I love the mix of textures and fun fun details. 
I would love to eat in such table.

Finally the tablescape created by Juan Duyos, is probably my favourite. I love the colors, little details, lovely figures and the charming atmosphere created all together. 


  1. i'm obsessed with all the books hanging in that first pic- so cool!

  2. I love the bench in the first photo. I'd love one for my dining table. And the pale floorboards. Very chic, simple an uncluttered.
    Saskia x

  3. All are inspiring and lovely, Helena. Hope you have a stupendous Christmas. xo

  4. such unique ideas! love the little touches and details they included!
    xo dana

  5. i love the simplicity of the plane candles in the middle

  6. So stylish! Just stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year sweetie!
    Rachie xo

  7. those mushroom plates are amazing! Love all these tables! Merry Christmas to you!

  8. They're so lovely! I love all of the whimsical touches :)

    Merry Christmas, Helena! Have a wonderful time with your family, sweetie xoxo

  9. Helena; I love your blog and your style.
    And you have been tagged in my blog. If you answer my questions, I will really appreciate.
    Thank you and have a nice holiday.

  10. So beautiful! Merry Christmas! xo

  11. I like too much the first photo, specially the original library.
    Happy Chrismas

  12. oh my gosh! That mushroom plate on the last picture- HOW CUTE!


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