Friday, September 16, 2011

Bolaget has done it again!

Bolaget indeed has made me, once again, seriously consider an imminent move to Malmo, Sweden. And don't take me wrong, Malmo might be amazing, but it has never topped an of my lists until I discovered Bolaget and the amazing homes they showcase for rent and sale. This one here has all the elements that tick my boxes, the right amount of perfected mess, the warmth a home needs and the most gorgeous details and colors. And lots and lots of books and magazines and natural swedish light which is a plus!


  1. perfection. love this post. if you get a second I'd would love to hear what you think of my latest outfit post. xoxo

  2. Love the warm and inviting feel, and the pops of pink...fabulous!!

  3. the bedroom looks so cozy and i think i can relax in that tub all day!

  4. Love the dining table in the centre of the room.

  5. Funny how we get to know blogger's individual tastes. One glance at these photos and I thought, "Oh, Helena would love this!" I am all over any room w/ natural light! Have a wonderful weekend, Helena! xo

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I'd move to Malmo too :) Love those huge windows that let the light stream right on in. And those dark wood floors are mind blowing!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Helena! xoxo

  7. Dear God I am ready to move in. Like right now.

  8. I think I will move to Sweden too now that you say it;)
    These rooms are dressed to the nines!
    Happy weekend my dear!

  9. Reaally love the room with all the books :) slightly messy but got that cozy feeling from it some how :)

    wish i have a house like that :)
    amazing post !!


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