Wednesday, August 03, 2011

In my Kitchen: Paula from Two Ellie

I have been following Paula of Two Ellie and her family for a while now and it has been a very enjoyable ride. I love seeing her lovely kids grow up and how her home is developing. Paula's home style has the perfect dose of classic mixed with sophistication and cosiness, just what I adore in a home. Her kitchen is one of my faves, perfect color scheme, functional and pretty!

Eat in or out: I love to eat in. I find a good homemade meal to be perfection
Take away or restaurant: Take away is the next best thing to a home cooked meal. 
I cook for... My husband and two children ages 4 & 5. They are all picky in different ways! Drives me nuts on occasion, but have learned how to adapt. 

Healthy food: I personally am on a gluten free, low dairy, low grain, low starch, and low sugar meal plan for health reason. The rest of the family is on a version of this, but with them all being so picky it can be tough. 
Indulgence: A good piece of sea salt dark chocolate. 
Weekend Meal: Chili and Spaghetti are my go to meals for the family even if I can't indulge.  
Date Dinner: Used to be Italian until my diet change. Now we pick somewhere that has a good fish or steak. 
Quick fix: Zatarain's Jambalaya. I just add the sausage.
My must ingredients: Almond flour, it has been a life saver with my new way of eating. Honey, grapeseed oil, sea salt, and herbs. 
Spicy or Mild: Spicy!!! 

My kitchen is
Favorite gadget(s): The Kitchen Aid. Hands down best wedding gift ever! Still going strong 7 years later. 
In the kitchen, I couldn't live without: A good set of knives. Didn't realize it until we got a new set. ha. 
My cooking bible: the Gluten Free Almond Flour cookbook - Elana Amsterdam

My recipe:

Tomato, basil, and mozzarella salad is ever so perfect for the hot summers we have been having. It makes a great side or a full meal. Oh, and the best part is that you can't mess up.

As a meal for 1 (increase quantities to make as a side or for multiple people)
1 large tomato of your choice or a variety of heirloom tomatoes to take it to a whole new level
cube up some mozzarella.
Add olive oil and balsamic vinegar to taste.
Sea salt + pepper to taste.
top with fresh basil


  1. thanks for having me Helena!

  2. What a fun post! Sea salt and dark chocolate are such amazing flavors together. I love a salty sweet dessert.

  3. can't beat a caprese salad! so yummy and refreshing.

  4. Mmm yummy, that salad looks so delish!

  5. I adore Paula! I wish I was eating that salad right now. YUM!

  6. Just found your site - it's so lovely :)

  7. Caprese salad-one of my favourite recipes for summer.

  8. Totally in love with her kitchen! Beautiful white subways, my favourite :)

  9. Her kitchen is just gorgeous and I love caprese!!! :) xoxo

  10. So fun to see Paula here, I love her blog! Great post tool, this salad is one of my favs xx

  11. One of my favorite Summer salads!! Fun to see you over here Paula :)


  12. I love her cozy kitchen too and those bar stools seem comfy and kid friendly. After I read sea salt dark chocolate I fixated on how much I wanted some and couldn't concentrate afterwards. ha ha! xoxo

  13. Tomato, basil, and mozzarella salad? My fave! So simple but so good!

  14. Ok her caprese looks delicious! And I always agree in a take out fun!! What are your thoughts on all things nautical?

  15. That kitchen is fabulous!!! Love it


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