Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In My Kitchen: Alison from My Little Happy Place

The very lovely Alison shares her US kitchen and her secrets. Alison shares her love for interiors at My Little Happy Place via Brazil and Texas. If you haven't had a chance to "meet" her, well you should, she is really lovely!

  If you've met me through my blog, My Little Happy Place, you know my family and I are Americans living in Brazil.  However, I've featured our kitchen in our home back home because we reworked it to reflect our taste, and, well, it's a very Happy Place!

Eat in or out:  In.  We enjoy cooking, and taking the kids out is cuh-razy!
Take away or restaurant:  Restaurant - if it's Date Night!
I cook for...  My husband, and girls: Avery (4) and Isla (15 months) and Me (I'm pregnant with our third)
Healthy food:  "Real" Food. Fresh Ingredients.  I read, "In Defense of Food," and realized just how much "non-food" we are surrounded by - scary.  I try to follow Michael Pollan's take:  If your Great-Grandmother would recognize it as something to eat, you're probably OK!
Indulgence:   Bready-sweets:  Cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, etc.
Weekend Meal:   My husband usually puts something on the grill, and I'll make the sides.  Roasted potatoes and a salad are classics for us.
Date Dinner:  Sushi - stuffing ourselves until we feel like a puffed fish!
Quick fix: My go-to meal is pressure-cooked pork served over polenta.  It's an easy and tasty meal that I can whip up when I'm not feeling creative in the kitchen.
My must ingredients:  Fresh garlic, fresh-ground salt and pepper.
Spicy or Mild: I'm from Texas - Spicy!
Favorite gadget(s):  A good gas range and quality cookware.  I found our professional range on Ebay for half the retail cost - snag!  My French copper cookware is one of my treasures from a trip to Paris a few years ago.  It's pricey, but the quality is superb, and I'll always have it.
In the kitchen, I couldn't live without:  All the natural light.  The open-air feeling makes up for the small footprint.
My cooking bible: The Joy of Cooking for classic techniques and recipes.  Foodgawker for visual inspiration.

My kitchen is: My favorite room in our home!  It's open and full of light, and with the little peninsula, great for people to sit and chat while I'm cooking.

My Recipe:  Curried Chicken Salad

(Loosely interpreted from a friend's original recipe)
2 lbs Chicken - cooked and cut into chunks
1 small can chopped Water Chestnuts
1 c Craisins
2 c chopped Celery
1/2 c chopped Walnuts
1/2 Fresh Pineapple - cut into small chunks
1 c Mayo - or to taste
1 T Curry Powder
1 T Lemon Juice


  1. Oh my gosh, gorgeous kitchen! Kinda jealous!

  2. Looks so good..and the kitchen looks great for all those dinners to be invented.

  3. Lovely kitchen, cooking there must be a pleasure.

  4. Such a personal, intimate kitchen - I love it! thank you for the recipe, that's going to be on the menu shortly!

  5. This recipe looks delicious! Can't wait to try it out!

  6. that salad looks so delish - and such a pretty kitchen!

  7. Love the kitchen, I always like the pots and pans on the ceiling!

  8. mmm... yummy! delicious recipe and the photography is great!

  9. I love what she said about whether or not our Grandma's would eat it. Hmm... interesting. I think I will try to ask myself that before I eat something. Her daughter is a cutie and I love their names! xo

  10. Wow her kitchen is amazing! Love that island and sink. And the recipe sounds delish! :)

  11. I love how warm and cozy Alison's kitchen is...adore the sink!!! I am so with her on the whole 'if grandma would eat it' rule and that curried chicken salad looks yuuuuummmy!!!!

  12. I love it! Great series! I love how homey the kitch is.

  13. Love her kitchen and will need to try that recipe!

  14. OMG...I am SO jealous of her gorgeous kitchen!

  15. Love the kitchen, love the insight and love this series! Great, great, great!

  16. Thanks for the recipe, what a delicious alternative!


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