Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Victoria & Kenny: Reception

Second part of this fantastic wedding and Im sure you are looking forward to it. Am I right? 
In Victoria's own words her big day... "was the best day of my life, I had such a blast. I think the key for me and kenny was just knowing what we wanted, to have everyone we loved there and be in a place we love, and then just not fret over anything else..."
Victoria and Kenny decided on a Southern wedding because of her roots and their common story and they had the ceremony and party in her mom's picturesque house in Alabama overlooking the Tennessee river. 

The couple tried to incorporated as many Southern aspects as they could and they We set church
pews up in the field for the ceremony and collected vintage
tablecloths and china for the dinner. They served sweet tea vodka and
fried chicken and other southern food, and gave local apples and
moon pies for their guest gifts. SO sweet!

Make sure you check out Victoria's site and blogs, (she has 2 and if you are a foodie you will love them!)
We Love Burgers - The Domestic Gourmet


  1. Her dress and the chandeliers outside make this wedding perfection for me. Gorgeous.

    An American Girl (Someday) in Paris

  2. I love rustic style weddings, I wish we had the weather to plan something like this.

  3. Awe.... I absolutely love the roses hanging in the mason jars :) so so sweet!!!


  4. So beautiful and romantic! Those outdoor chandeliers are simply amazing! They add just the right amount of glamour. :)

  5. preciosa boda!!! un beso guapísima!

  6. Wow, this wedding looks so amazing, romantic and glam. The brides dress is seriously stunning too!

    Hope you have a totally amazing holiday this side of the pond. I really loved the north east coast, so stunning and less touristy. There was an amazing restaurant literally next to the sea at Agios Stefanos called Fagopotion. The chef was really good, but totally barking (mad)!!!


  7. This wedding is absolutely perfect! I love the personalized details and thoughtful tidbits like the gifted moonpies that really make it special!

  8. OMG the hanging mason jars! LOVE!

  9. My gosh how lovely and just perfect!

  10. This is such a beautiful wedding. I love the simpleness of it, so much fun!x

  11. this wedding is perfection, i adore her dress

  12. I love the shot of everyone eating with the sun setting behind the trees. So pretty!

  13. There are so many beautiful things about this wedding I can go on forever!!! I love how the couple planned together and you can tell that it tells the story of them. her dress is absolutely gorgeous, I love the fit and shape of it. Are those rifle made fans? Love her designs. The chandeliers in the trees is so whimsical. The entire reception looks so intimate and personal. My favorite photo is of the couple with their Boston. I love that they incorporated him into the wedding. We did the same!

  14. this wedding is PERFECT for victoria & kenny... it captures everything about them. the only thing they were missing was.... moi! :) still regret missing such a special day... thanks for posting, h!

  15. great weading!

  16. Oh I wish I lived somewhere I could be sure of the weather so that we could have a truly outdoors wedding and reception like this fabulous example. As it is we're getting married in Cornwall, UK, and it's pretty much 50/50 as to whether we'll have rain or sun on the day, so we're doing our best to plan for both eventualities! You guys in America are also so lucky that you get to marry anywhere you like. In the UK you are restricted to licensed venues and they have to be 'permanent structures' so no getting married on the beach, in a friends garden etc
    Whoops sorry about the rant! It's a sore point we'd love to marry on the beach.
    What a fabulous wedding, it looks truly beautiful! I love all the little details, especially the chandeliers and the brides stunning lace dress!

  17. Congratulations, I would like to haven the opportunity to have a similar wedding, I really like your dress.. included your pet , that's is good.


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