Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly links

This was a glorious short working week and a wedding week. What did you think? For me, she nailed it. A classic but yet sophisticated dress, perfect for her frame. Really beautiful.
Have you seen Water for Elephants? Can't wait, especially after seeing this costume sketch
It's my birthday this weekend, and I would love one of this multi colored, multi layer, hand painted cake
I think I need this wedding book, no not getting married but I want it nonetheless 
What a cute print
Best advice about losing your baby weight. I'm saving it for future reference. Megan rocks!
Erika's kitchen: my dream  
Love the styling of this wedding suite
Want to learn how to make this hair do? go, it's so elegant
Have a fantastic weekend my dears xx


  1. She looked spectacular!!! Simply breathtaking. It was more classic that I was expecting especially since I had a feeling that Sarah Burton was designing it. But I really loved it. Very Grace Kelly.

    And how sweet are they? The way he looks at her makes me melt. Couldn't imagine if I were her! LOL

    Have a great weekend, sweetie! xoxo

  2. great round up. i agree kate looks amazing. the dress suites her perfectly. and you're going to love water for elephants. i saw it last weekend and can't stop thinking about it. also handmade weddings is a great investment. i'm not even engaged and i bought it. i think it makes the bf nervous! ha. have a great weekend!

  3. Helena, I saw the movie last night... LOVED it. Now I want to read the book. Reese was amazing in it and she looked beautiful. I think she is beyond adorable... (kind of like you)! Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  4. I tought Kate was just perfection- adored the lace, her silk veil and classic style- I had thought I wanted to see her in something a little edgier but it was just so Grace Kelly- couldn't help but ADORE it!!

  5. I cant wait to see Reese in that movie!!!
    Hope you're enjoying the royal wedding! <3

  6. I loved watching the ceremony and even shed a tear or two! Such a real life fairy tale - and Kate looked absolutely stunning!!

    What a wonderful day to remember ~ Diana would have been so proud... I still remember watching Diana and Charles's wedding. I was at camp - where TV was not allowed, but they made an exception and we all gathered around and watched together....

    xoxo Laura

  7. Definitely still having Royal Wedding fever!

  8. looooved Kate's dress!!! and i have yet to watch Water for Elephants - that costume sketch is so pretty!

  9. i love all of these links! that hair do is beautiful and i have no words for the new Duchess of Cambridge!


  10. happy birthday to you!!! all the best in life for you :)
    and yes, Kate and the wedding melted my heart - and I so need to watch water for elephants once I get back home!
    have a lovely weekend dear!

  11. I think Kate looked gorgeous--and happy--and the dress fit like a dream. I just wish it hadn't been so Grace Kelly-ish on top.

    Happy Weekend!

  12. Happy Birthday!!
    I made a cake exactly like this for a friend last year- the trick is to get the prfessional gel colouring rather than normal colouring (just incase you hadn't discovered this yet!...).
    Kate looked stunning and completely right for the day. Loved Pippa's dresses, in particular her emerald evening gown- my favourite colour! x

  13. sos un sol, gracias x el link!!!!! and HAPPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! ke los cumplas muy muy feliz...y ke este anio todos tus suenios se cumplan!!!!! the book is great I love it and has great DIY!!! Have a spectacular weekend!!!

  14. What a great week! I can't wait to see that movie! Happy Birthday honey!!

    XO - Jami
    i m a g i n e

  15. Hello there! i just came across your blog and loved it! it's spectacular! love your great style, check out my blog and follow if you like it, i promise to do the same!

  16. xronia polla syntrofitsa mou

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope your birthday weekend was wonderful!
    Have a pretty day!

  18. Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU my dear! I hope its wonderful!! Thanks for being such a fabulous blogger friend to all of us!
    Thanks for sharing all these fun links!

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU dear Helena!
    Love this book.


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