Saturday, April 09, 2011

Weekly links

Pioneer Woman once more: Did you notice I always mention her on Fridays? Obsessed, me?
If someone can rock this outfit, it's Karla
Tell me you wouldn't have loved having a tree house? Christina's kids are living the dream
I really like this picture, might also has to do because these have always been the shoes I want to wear on my big day. 
Joy's studio is pure... erm... joy! Gold giant dots people!
I think this setting is most beautiful, for a wedding or not. 
These tiny clothes have my heart melting.
What an amazing rooftop dinner
Strawberries and goat cheese salad. Never tried but looks delicious.
I really really like Nicole's house tour, have you seen it?
A bit longer than usual, a great week what can I say.
Have a great weekend friends, I'm definitely going to be enjoying it with my lovely BFF. xo


  1. ohh love the polkadot wallpaper, or is it wallpaper?!? love it either way. great share. happy weekend!

  2. That strawberries and goat cheese salad looks heavenly!!!! Yummmyyyy... HAPPY WEEKEND Girl! :D

  3. these are all very lovely features :)

    have a wonderful weekend w/your bff!

  4. Hello there - a lovely little set of weekly links here. The tables look gorgeous - there is something about Spring that makes me want to decorate tables! Lou x

  5. There's no shame in loving the Pioneer Woman, she's quite a lady!

  6. Hi there sweet darling Helena. Hope you are having a great weekend. I think it would be great if you could come over and play in the treehouse:-)


  7. Great favorites, Helena! I am completely in love with the polka dots—how chic and fun they look.

    Sounds like a great weekend to me—enjoy!


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