Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Stuff Series **Brooklyn Limestone**

This might very well be the last My Stuff for a while, and for this special date I have a very special guest. Stefanie from the one and only Brooklyn Limestone. I'm pretty sure you have all lusted over her renovated limestone, her incredible talents as a designer and her beautiful photography. You have right? well then, now go ahead and check all her favorite stuff!  Thanks Stefanie!

Favorite discovery: it's a personal one but until I started blogging, I never realized the encouragement I could feel and the genuine fun I could have with virtual strangers.
Favorite place in the world: I fall in love with nearly every locale I visit but home is where my heart is.
Style icon: pretty much any woman captured in a black and white photo in the 1940s
Favorite movie: love actually - I rarely cry at movies but this one has me sniffling at the first scene 


Underwear: Victoria Secret but their version of old lady bloomers 
Watch: Tiffany stainless steel classic, gift from my husband for my 30th birthday. A prized possession.   
Day dress and day bag: I'm crazy for print dresses lately. As for purse, I'm either sporting a target bag in a funky color or my black Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB 
Evening dress: I don't have many occasions to wear evening wear but the last time I got all dolled up I wore a black lace dress 
Jeans: I'm not brand loyal at all - whatever looks good on - but banana republic and levis are my go to 
Shoes: usually sneakers (I'm sporting a pair of black Puma Maya kp now)
Where you live: Brooklynlimestone.com of course!
Favorite art: I love old portrait paintings - they have a beautiful eeriness - but they are hard to find at reasonable prices.  I also like to hang my own photography and work up.
Bedding: Targets fieldcrest line has great sheets. 
Coffee table books: ive used blurb to put snapshots of our travels into our own coffee table books - definitely a good conversation starter when company is over plus it's nice to relive the trips when flipping thru.
Flowers: peonies and lilacs 

Perfume: I don't wear any
Moisturizer: Bvlgari Eau Vert
Mascara: I think I have last blast but only wear it a few time a year
Shampoo: Keratin Complex
Blush: none, I always have rose cheeks, like it or not
Lipstick: I don't use any but I'm addicted to soft lips FHA stick


  1. the bulgari bath products are the best... i love the "the blanc"... :)

  2. Love Stefanie and her blog! Yay on those fab bath products and the DIY coffee table books.

  3. LOVE Love Actually and that dress is gorgeous!

  4. Underwear: "Victoria Secret but their version of old lady bloomers" -- HA! They really are the very best ;)

  5. great my style post! loooove the lace dress and the oversized watch. sweet style!

  6. Viendo tus fotos de los post anteriores me muero de ganas de ir ya a Londres, algĂșn consejillo sobre sitios que ver, tiendas, bares o cosas bonitas en general?
    Besitos guapa!

  7. That black dress is gorgeous. I have put our travels into a coffee table book too... it's like reliving a great memory. xo

  8. ummm peonies and lilacs are totally my fave too!

  9. Love Actually is my favorite movie too. Loved this little interview!

  10. Peonies and Love Actually always make me smile : ) Such a cute post.

    We're having a denim giveaway today- enter for your chance to win a super cute pair.

  11. I'm so with Krysten - "Love Actually" is awesome and lace is always a favorite!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  12. love actually isthe best! it's a must watch every holiday season. Too funny- i have that pillow set she has from Target and a small pillow in the circles pattern! haha

  13. that lace dress is a beauty and you gotta love a girl who can rock old lady bloomers

  14. Love it. Might have to steal her coffee table book idea!

  15. Love this series. It is so fun to get a glimpse into bloggers favorite things that aren't always discussed on their blogs! = )


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