Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Stuff Series **Inspired Design**

Well, Debby is without a doubt one of my very very favorite girls, she is the very definition of a very very nice person. She blogs at the incredibly gorgeous Inspired Design and is sweet, compassionate, thoughtful and overall THE nicest ever person ever. If you haven't already you MUST check out Inspired Design. Like, yesterday!

Favorite discovery:  Blogging!  I've met so many wonderful creative people!
Favorite place in the world: Paris and Nantucket
Style icons: Zooey Deschanel for her individuality and Audrey Hepburn for her graceful style
Favorite designer: Kate Spade
Favorite movies: The Notebook and Billy Elliot

Watch: Vintage
Evening dress: Anthropologie
Shoes: Cute ballet flats, all brands

Where do you live: Boston, MA
Favorite art: My travel photography framed and matted
Bedding: Potterybarn
Coffee table books: Paris Secrets and Nantucket Island Living
Flower: Peony and hydrangea

Shampoo: Biolage Color Care by Matrix

Thanks Debby!!!
oh btw, BIG thanks to Danielle from Brakfast at Toast for having me yesterday over at her Girls Who Inspired series. Check it out here.


  1. I adore Debby too!! her blog is so pretty and you're right; she is extremely kind and sweet!! Great feature Helena :)

  2. I love this series & I definitely share Debby's love for Kate Spade, she is amazing!

  3. Great list! I've never smelled the Kat von D I definitely want to.

  4. Helena, thanks for having me and you know I feel the same about you! I'm off to check out your guest post. xoxo

  5. Fun post! Nantucket is my favorite place to vacation hands down!

    ~ ~

  6. I've been following Debby almost from the beginning - she's a great blogger and I always look forward to her posts! Love the interview :-)

  7. Great post! I really like her taste :)


  8. debby has great taste! will have to check out her blog :)

  9. Oh I love Debby's style; her beauty bag looks filled with lots of pretty cosmetics!! Will have to check her blog out too. Thanks Helena! xx

  10. I love her blog! So fun to learn more about her. I adore Kate Spade, The Notebook, Anthro, and peonies (:

  11. Love Debby and now I want some cute flats!

  12. So great...adore that Debby!:)

  13. oooo Paris Secrets looks good! Happy Hump Day, hun! xo

  14. zooey is my idol, too. and i love these posts, they look so fun to make and they are so fun to read about!

  15. That bag is totally gorgeous - i need a kate spade! I love these posts - if you ever need anymore contributors - i'm in!
    Rachie xo

  16. Debby is the best! So super nice! Great post!

  17. That was fun! I love all things Debby, she's just so adorable. I don't know that perfume, must investigate :)

  18. I really enjoy this series and Kate Spade!

  19. One of my favorite girls EVER! Thanks for featuring that fabulous Debby, sweetie. And of course her taste is impeccable! xoxo

  20. Debby is inspiring!
    Kat von D - will have to see what that's like. Tattoos?
    xo Cathy

  21. I may bet my girlfriend will be happy seeing this all stuff. Thanks i have another option for giving her inspiration dress.

  22. I just love Debby too! So very sweet and so very talented, her blog never fails to inspire! Lovely post!

  23. I adore this series! Keep them coming I always look forward to seeing what someone else loves.

  24. I'm pretty new to Debby's blog and adore her blog and her love of color and inspiration. I'm still at the reader stage and haven't started my own blog yet. I have to say Debby has been so incredibly nice, sweet and gracious. A lovely and classy lady! It was fun reading her list and see that we share many of the same likes! Nice to meet you too, Helena.

  25. Yay Debby!! I love her and her blog!!


  26. Love this series! So fun to know what stylish people actually use in real life.


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