Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Stuff Series **Made by Girl**

Made by girl is probably the first blog I ever read so imagine my excitement having here Jen sharing her My Stuff. Pretty amazing, right? You all know her, her blog and her beautiful shop, so I won't go into much talking and just shout very very out loud, how amazing this girl is! 

Favorite Place in the World: New York
Style Icon: Rachel Bilson
Favorite Designer: Kelly Wearstler and Michael Kors
Favorite movie: All classic bible films
Jeans: 7 for all Mankind
Underwear: Victoria Secret
Day dress and day bag: Michael Kors and anything Zara
Evening dress: Zara
Shoes: All brands

Inspiration: elle decor magazine as well artwork I see or create on my own
Art: Abstract and I love Franz Kline
Bedding: Calvin Klein bed sheets
Stationery: ha! My own, made by girl
Coffee table books: I love so many but I really love Interiors Now by Taschen
Flowers: peonies

Perfume: Very Hollywood by Michael Kors
Mascara: anything by MAC
Moisturizer: Just use plain Eucerin, works quite nicely
Shampoo: Garnier
Soap: I don't normally use soap, I like body wash, but when I use soap I tend to go for Dove soap.
Thanks Jen!!


  1. Cute stationery! How great to have your own assortment to choose from! She seems really cool and down to earth! xo

  2. I love Jen's blog and her style is equally gorgeous! Great post! x

  3. I love Made By Girl!! So amazing. Thanks for this post :D

  4. I love that watch! Great post!

  5. Absolutely adore Jen and her Made By Girl collection! Great post love xoxo

  6. I love Jen's blog and it was interesting to get to know her even better. Her home is to die for ...

  7. Jen is awesome! She was one of the first blogs I started reading daily (3 yrs ago) & when I started mine she was very helpful in answering a few blogging questions...hence why I have a 3 column blog because I loved hers so much:)

  8. She is fabulous.
    Her blog is fabulous.
    This feature is super fabulous:)
    Thanks for the interview ladies!

  9. Don't we all love Jen, she has such a great Blog and she is just a fabulous inspiration to us bloggers!!

    :) Hazel
    Hazel Loves Design

  10. thanks for sharing I didn ´t know it!

  11. Love her style - love this section of your blog.
    Rachie xo

  12. blogwalking here and visiting.. have a view of my blog when free.. http://www.lonelyreload.blogspot.com .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

  13. Jen's blog and store are both brilliant! So fun to see her here today, Helena! I'm with her: New York rocks!

  14. How fabulous...and Very Hollywood? I need to check this out!

  15. What a great fun post. Love her picks. Fun to see the girl behind the style!!

  16. Wonderful host! I love her blog as much as yours ;)

  17. Fabulous post as always! Love her picks! Have a wonderful day, sweetie xoxo

  18. Yup, she's the first blog I ever read, too! Fabulous that you have her here! XX!

  19. What a coincidence. I was just reading her blog this morning! xoxo

  20. That bag is SO incredible. She has divine style!

  21. what a great blog. I love finding new and amazing blogs. Cheers

  22. Helena, Thank you sooo much...you know i love your style and would love to go shopping with you one day! :))) TO EVERYONE else, I'm so grateful, it's amazing how everyone connects to each other through the world of blogging..it's quite special :)
    Happy Thanksgiving and thank you. XOXOX

  23. I LOVE JEN! she is fabulous. LOVE seeing her on here helena! xoxo

  24. A fan of Made By Girl Too!! HO HO!!


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