Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Stuff Series **Haute Design**

Sarah is the fabulous lady behind the also incredible fantastic Haute Design blog. I love Sarah because each and every post is pure beauty, there is lots of French beauty so if you are a French admirer head over there, you won't regret it, believe me. I'm really really happy to be sharing her gorgeous My Stuff. 

Favorite Discovery: New friendships, both near and far, and beautiful creations
Favorite Place in the World: in a chateau or wandering through villages in France
Style Icons: stylish women all over the world who wear confidence and clothing well
Favorite Designer: Fashion – Chloé, Leifsdottir, Sandro, C. Luche, Wilfred
Favorite Movie: Chocolat

Jeans: Fidelity
Underwear:  Calvin Klein
Watch: Calvin Klein
Day dress and day bag: Michael Kors clutch and pants, skinny belt, Dyberg/Kern bracelet or CK watch, Tiffany’s key necklace, ankle boots, silk blouse, blazer or camel coat.
Evening Dress:  One of my many dresses, with a blazer or coat, sky-high heels, a clutch, and great jewelry

Home Inspiration
Favorite Art: custom paintings by my boyfriend. I love knowing that his hand and heart are a part of what I hang on my wall
Bedding: European cotton or linen
Stationery: simple and beautiful Neenah Paper
Coffee table bookstravel, architecture, graphic design, fashion, décor, and some really cheeky and fun books for good measure…
Flowers: rhinoculous, peonies, roses

Perfume:  Calvin Klein Euphoria
Moisturizer:  Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge Enriched
Mascara:  Lancôme Hypnose
Shampoo: Kérastase Biotic

Thanks Sarah!


  1. Yet another wonderful interview Helena!

  2. Oh yes I love her blog!!! What a great post!


  3. Love Sarah's ever-so-stylish list, those coffee table books look beautiful xx

  4. that bracelet is kicking. super swanky!

  5. How could I not adore her list??? I love Sarah. She has impeccable taste and it's no surprise that every single item on this list is uber stylish and right on :)


  6. I love reading these lists. Always gives me new ideas of products I could try..

  7. Good work, Helena. I adore her blog. She's top of my list (along with yours). Have a great day, sweetie.

  8. "in a chateau or wandering through villages in France" sounds pretty darn good to me!

  9. Her style choices are as amazing as her beautiful blog... love her! xo

  10. Lovely and Leifsdottir is a new favorite of mine too!

  11. love the beauty products section, can always use some tips

  12. I LOVE her so much! She has one of my all-time favorite blogs and of course it is not surprising that I would love her stuff! XX!

  13. I love being able to visit here and read about some of my favorite bloggers:) Sarah is the sweetest!

  14. Love Sarah, her blog and her picks here. Especially love the Chloe shot and the amazing Dyberg/Kern bracelet - am going there next to check them out!

  15. Just adore Sarah and her fabulous blog! A daily read of mine :)


  16. I just love this series, Helena! So fun to get to know my favorite bloggers through your charmed interviews. Sarah is an absolute gem in the blogosphere — a personal favorite for sure!

  17. Thank you so much for having me, Helena!

  18. Great designs! I'm fascinated with high heels. I wanted to buy one like those ones but I couldn't find them at the mall.


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