Monday, November 15, 2010

Help needed!

ok dear lovelies today I NEED you, like for real, for a good cause. Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy and Kelly from luxe + lillies emailed a bunch of us yesterday to share a great project called Well Done: Blogging for Charity
It's about Charity: Water. These guys are doing something really honorable, trying to provide drinking water to every human in the planet. They have been working restlessly for the last 3 years and over 700,000 people have water through their wells.

Ok, so each well costs $5,000 and right now Charity: Water are building these around Africa. Kelly got word that a student was raising money for a well and has hit the $4,000 mark, only $1,000. 
So, here is where we come in, let's join forces and donate to this beautiful cause. Please please please go ahead, and donate $5 for me, for you, for everyone. Go HERE.
Grab a button too, please. 

<div><a href="" title="Charity Water"><img src="" alt="Charity Water" /></a></div>


  1. That is such a great cause
    Kisses my dear

  2. Thanks for sharing. I'm posting the button on my sidebar, but will also contribute and repost about this tomorrow on my blog. Very worthy cause!

  3. Love seeing all the support for this cause!

  4. how pretty! i love both of the bride's dresses.

  5. What a great cause! I'll be contributing!

  6. That is a great cause..thanks for the heads up. I'll put it on my sidebar.


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