Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Stuff Series **Aspiring Kennedy**

Lauren is an extremely sweet lady who blogs at Aspiring Kennedy. I think I found her beautiful blog through some comment and since then  I'm smitten! She is a Dallas girl who is moving to England soon! Excited me? ... YES! oh and btw, im also blog swaping wit Lauren, so head over there to check out my guest post
ps: Im really excited to be guest posting at beautiful Lovely Clusters while Rachel is away, check it out here 

Favorite Discovery: The power that we have to give self-confidence to others by loving them unconditionally. I experience this in my faith, in marriage, and from my family. As a result, it’s a gift that I’m trying to give as much as possible.
Favorite Place in the World: Lucca, Italy.
Style Icons: I’m obviously a big Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis fan, but the current girls who call me to higher standards are: Gwyneth Paltrow & Sienna Miller. They both embody such effortless glamour, don’t they?
Favorite Designer: I  dream in Chanel & YSL, but I live in Zara and H&M. I do splurge on handbags though. A beautiful bag can vamp up any ordinary outfit.
Favorite Movie: I’m a sucker for pretty much any romantic comedy set in Europe. Have you ever seen Only You? Horrificly stupid, but when Robert Downey Jr. & Marisa Tomei are in Italy- I can become a fan.

Jeans: AG made a series of jeans in velvet this year. I bought a pair in navy on Gilt Groupe- and it’s changad my life. I severly regret not buying every other color on Gilt Groupe that day.
Underwear: Cosabella for everyday- and Natori for feeling sexy
Watch: These days, I’ve replaced a watch for embellished cuffs {& tote my iPhone for the time!}
Day dress and day bag: I love my Miu Miu chevron purse. I found it a few years ago on the dusty corner of sale the rack at Saks 5th Avenue. It was an unbelievably lucky find. I’m always in a H&M dresses, but I will splurge on Vera Wang Lavender Label when I find them on sale.
Evening Dress: Who doesn’t love to doll up in a cute black dress? I have every style imaginable. I always feel appropriate, but do my best to make it my own with an oversized headband or killer heels.
Shoes: My purple pradas. Lavender satin pumps with a purple croc toe. I feel like Victoria Beckham whenever I wear them. I’m in some embellished gladiador sandals most days at the office.

Inspiration: I have some Martha-Stewart-meets-Sofia-Coppola house in mind for my “someday home.” I’m 100% incapable of pulling this off on my own. That’s when I plan to bring in Beth Dotolo to make my sporadic tast into a beautiful & cohesive reality.
Favorite Art: Degas & his ballerinas. I will never own a piece, but I have replicas from Parisian streets throughout my home.
Bedding: I’m about to invest on the Cirrus duvet from Anthropologie.
Stationery: Bell’Invito Letterpress, of course! I was over sales & PR there for years. Their quality and look is by far the best I know… and I do know paper! I also love Smythson, Elum, and Leslie Jerkins (she’s an Etsy queen.)
Coffee table books: Anything Assouline makes is incredible. I currently have Taschen’s London & a two part set on the Kennedys.
Flowers: Cymbidium orchids – especially when sunken!

Perfume: This is my little-known obsession that my close friends love to tease me over. I probably have 40 bottles hogging an entire cabinet in my bathroom. I fall in love with Víctor & Rolf’s Flowerbombe, Miss Dior Cherie, & Marc Jacobs Lola each time I wear them.
Moisturizer: Target makes a great, inexpensive SPF moisturizer that I use every day. It’s the cheapest face lift I’ll ever pay for.
Mascara: YSL’s mascara is a product of the gods. It smells fabulous. Oh yeah, it makes your eye lashes pretty, too!
Shampoo: My hair is obscenely thick, and Dove is really moisturizing.
Soap: Victoria’s Secret Love Spell. It’s a bit passe, but I cant help it. It smells so lovely.
Thanks Lauren!


  1. I love Lauren! Thanks for choosing her for this feature, Helena!


  2. She is so lovely:)I also love Cymbidium orchids.
    Sweet dreams my lovely

  3. Wonderful post... and love your list... I can't live without my jeans too and I am in awe of Degas paintings as well :)

    xoxo Laura

  4. I love both of your blogs, so this was a terrific post!

    And I find the Taschen's city guides to be magical escapes.

  5. I love this series....

    Thank you Thank you Thank you

  6. I'm a new follower! You're so right, this blog IS lovely!

  7. Wow, this girl and I should be buddies! I am so in sync with her beauty and fashion leanings!

  8. Lauren writes so beautifully, and such lovely choices! I totally agree on the coffee table book front, I'm so in love with my Taschen's "Paris" right now! And Lola... don't even get me started! Its definitely one of my favorite scents I've ever worn!

  9. Zara and H&M but splurges on handbags. So me! Will have to check out her blog.

  10. Lauren, I loved your my stuff things, esp. H&M and Zara you know I can't ghet enough of those bad boys! Oxford has a big Zara, you'll be pleased to know! I also need to see Only I smell a movie night coming on?!

  11. Her blog looks lovely - thank you for the recommendation - off to check it out!


  12. Great post, when Lauren said Lucca was her fave city I was sucked in! My husband and I love it there too and have fond memories of riding bikes along the wall and eating the BEST black truffle gnocchi EVER. And cymbidium's are gorgeous in just about any circumstance :) *Amy

  13. Lauren is a great blogger with tons of style as well as a wonderful friend. Great Post!

  14. I just found yet another amazing blog thanks to you. x

  15. Love Lauren & love her stuff! No surprised one bit :)

    Off to check off your guest post! xoxo

  16. aaahhhhh there we have lovely Lauren! I feel the world is getting smaller and cozier by the minute. Really lovely posting you both xoxo

  17. Love her blog! I spritz Lola too :)

  18. Thanks for the shout-out, Lauren! Wonderful list ma cherie.

  19. Loved this! Lauren is so awesome! Off to check out your guest post!

  20. Great style, Lauren! Loving those velvet pants.... now off to see what Miss Helena is up to! xo

  21. Lauren, the items on these inspiration boards are some of the many reasons we are friends! Love you!


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