Friday, August 13, 2010

Guest Post: ABCD Design **Summer must haves**

The Organic Cotton Senorita Dress from Athleta. They come in the most delicious, organic colors. They come to just above the knee, they're super comfortable, flattering and machine washable. I wear them to clean around the house and dress them up when we go out to dinner. I purchased two last Summer and they are the first thing I reach for on a hot day. Casual, Summer perfection!

I have also been wearing my Shapeable Poolside Sun Hat quite a bit. I am the type who gets sunburn through a window on a Winter day, so the wider the brim, the better! I like this sun hat because it's crushable. You can pack it in a suitcase or bag and re-shape upon arrival.

During the Summer months, I always have a Sandalwood fan in my purse. At $0.65 a piece, I can't help but beat the heat in the NYC Subway with my own wind-chill factor.

I have two favorite shoe styles for Summer in the City. During the day, I love my Gizeh Liquid Gold Birkenstocks.
And at night, (or when I want a slightly more sophisticated, streamlined, but still comfortable look) I like to wear my kitten heel, nude color, Martha Davis peep toe mules. So cute and super comfortable for walking around!
Now that I have covered my Summer clothing must haves, I'd like to talk little about must haves for the home. First of all, one must have a fabulous iced beverage dispenserFor my own use, I selected the Simplicity Collection beverage dispenser from Chefs Catalog. I like it because the dispenser doesn't need to sit on the edge of the counter top. 

And in the kitchen? I adore my Cherry Me Apron by The Hip Hostess. Because really, you can't get any more Summery in the kitchen than dressing up in a kicky sheath apron!
Don't forget to freshen up your kitchen counter top with these good looking vintage style pantry storage tins. Even though it's dreadfully hot outside, you'll find yourself wanting to bake breakfast scones and muffins

And last, but not least, in the Summer I think it is imperative to keep a case of Veuve Clicquot 1/2 bottle splits on hand. It's so refreshing to have a wee-bit of champagne at the end of a long hot Summer day!

Thank you so much for having me guest post on your beautiful blog while you're in Greece.

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  1. That hat is so great! It looks just like the one Bethenny (Bethenny getting Married)wore on her honeymoon, haha, oh my embarrassing tv habits.

  2. I am totally in love with those peep toe mules...and that dress is cute too:)

    Happy Friday and wish you both an amazing weekend:)

  3. ah i love the dresses at athleta and that sun hat. i have been looking for one, and this one looks perfect!

  4. That beverage dispenser is a great pick by Amy! Looks kinda cool, too.

  5. I want that hat baaaad! Super cute:-)

  6. I'm also an avid fan of Joan & the ladies of Mad Men. Incredible costume design and inspiration! I came across your blog through Blair @ Darling! ~ Annie @

  7. Love your summer must-haves! That dress is so cute!
    xo Josie

  8. Veuve Cliquot + The cherry apron from SATC2 = the perfect charlotte york moment.. love it!

  9. I'm crushin' on those pink little mules... so, so cute!!

  10. Oh, what a lovely post! I will take a dress, hat and the very last item, pretty please :)

  11. This all sounds wonderful!

    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!

  12. Oh you guys! Aren't you just dears to leave all these enthusiastic comments!

    I am so happy you like my picks to get through the dog days of summer.

    The dress - I can't tell you how comfortable it is. However, I must admit, I am a little flat chested, so the fit is perfect for me - I don't need a bra. I am not 100% sure how it'd work for those of you who need to wear one under it.

    The hat, however will fit everyone - and it is great!

    Mules and the apron ~ darling ~ and the rest too, I wouldn't recommend them if I hadn't had a great experience with them!

    Thanks again for commenting.

  13. Oh, my goodness! We're tickled pink and totally flattered to be on your list of Summer Must Haves!! Thanks so very much for the sweet talk! Big thanks to Amy at ABCD Designs for letting us know we made your list! By the way, loving those darling pink mules!

  14. Thank you!!! Being on YOUR list of Summer Must Haves is indeed such a compliment as you are the epitome of everything hip! Sending a big bouquet of thanks your way!

  15. what fantastic finds! love your taste!
    Thanks ladies!

  16. ive been eyeing those hats for my end of summer vacation to barcelona! might have to find one i can shove in a suitcase that will surely be stuffed to the brim..


  17. I love that cherry me apron. I can just see myself in that now. Love this site

  18. I have to agree that Birkenstocks are THE most comfortable shoes on the planet. Love 'em.


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