Thursday, December 10, 2009

**Teresa Helbig**

I was invited to a wedding recently that -unfortunately- i didn't go... I'm gobsmacked because everyone told me how amazing it was, how stylish and glamourous. It was by BFF's sister one. Long ago she told me who the designer of her dress was (i was shocked, my BFF works at Pronovias and alas the dress wasn't going to be one of their creations, I was so confused but then I understood why), she said something like "Ter.... He..." didn't get a word of what she was saying, and I wondered if it was our international phone connection or my "I have no idea" what she is talking about fault of this miscommunication.... eventually I figured! Finally! it was Teresa Helbig , a catalan designer with her atelier and showroom in Barcelona. Let me check then I thought, and Oh my! what a sight! It's sophisticated, elegant, feminine, everything you would want from a wedding (or cocktail, or anything for that matter) dress. Her designs are limited editions somehow, they can be unique as you can even sit down with her and have a bespoke one, like my friend's sister did-I think at least! (Oh...I wish I had gone...)

She is the It designer in Barcelona and now Madrid and other cities are falling on their knees for her. Celebrities and non are all looking for one of her designs for their nights out and for their splendid weddings and Teresa is there to make the magic come true. 

Images 1,2: Vogue Spain  - Images 4, 5, 6: Elizabeth Medina Photography (Gorgeous!)

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