Saturday, December 05, 2009

Strawberry jam recipe

Yesterday night i had friends over but unfortunately I didn't had desert...ooops! so when the sweet tooth moment arrived I had to do something and the only thing I had to offer was my homemade Strawberry jam with little brioches that i eat in the morning... well it didn't come out that bad after all! I have plenty of time lately, I don't work so I have to keep myself busy if I don't want to go absolutely crazy and this idea came to me the other day to make strawberry jam. Bought the ingredients, found the recipe from miraculous Food Network and jam it is! The recipe was so so easy and finally it seems that the results was so so nice too :)

This is the "official" recipe for my extremely easy Strawberry Jam. Courtesy of course of Food Network and Emeril Lagasse.


  • 4 pints fresh strawberries halved
  • 1 cup water
  • 5 cups sugar
  • Juice of one lemon


In a 8 quart stock pot, add the fruit and water and simmer until the fruit is very soft. Add the sugar and lemon juice. Stir to dissolve and bring up to a boil. Maintain at a full rolling boil until the jell point is reached. (*Also a skin will form on the surface as it cools) Remove from the heat. Skim off any impurities and leave to cool for 10 minutes. Using a funnel, pour the fruit into hot sterilized jars. Fill the jars and wipe the rims.. Seal the jars, leaving 1-inch from the top for headroom. Label the jars and store in a cool, dark, and dry place.

To be honest I made a very small bunch, so I only used 400gr of strawberries, 1 cup of sugar and the juice of 1 lemon and no water. And to see if it's ready, the other tip I found is to have a frozen plate ready and pour some strawberry jam on it, if it gels then it's ready, or so they say...Well worth it! everybody loved it and I feel oh so proud and best of all I NOW LOVE Food Network!

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